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MM-SC-3 IPhone/Android Adapter/Microphone Solutions
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MM-SC-3 IPhone/Android Adapter/Microphone Solutions

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Iphone / Android Smart Connect Solutions to interact any 2 external (mono)Microphone with a 3.5mm(2 or 3-pole) connector(powered and non-powered). Superb sound quality. This dual cable design will allow you to use 2 external mono microphones at the same time. Excellent for one on one interviews. 1 mic for the interviewer and 1 mic for the interviewee!

  • This cable will allow you to interact any 2 external powered or non-powered(mono) microphone with your Iphone or Android phone/ipod/ipad.
  • 3.5mm(4-pole) male connectors
  • Shielded high quality cable
  • Will clear any case or cover
  • Gold connection points
  • Allows user to use 2 microphones at the same time. Excellent for interviews!
  • 15" Cables
**Microphones not included!!
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