Miniature Classic Battery / Filter module
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Miniature Classic Battery / Filter module

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Now comes with a right angle 3.5mm Neurtik connector!

The (MM-CBM-Mini) miniature classic battery/filter module is extremely small in size and highly concealable. Many of the Minidisc, Dat, camcorders(etc) available on the market today provide a small power source at the microphone input also known as plug-in-power. This is enough voltage to power the microphone(s), but not enough to let them realize there full dynamic range. This battery module provides 9 volts D.C.(3- 3volt lithium batteries cascaded together), which is the optimum power, enabling them to handle higher (SPL) sound pressure levels without distortion! It will also extend the battery life of your records plug-in-power, because the module will be powering the microphone(s)!

Module will power any electret base microphones, mono or stereo!


Constructed of High-Quality, High-Impact, (ABS) plastic box (color is black) measuring 2.1" x 1.3" x .5" Your choice of output cable length, 1-2 1/2' at no extra cost to our valued customers! Output cable is a moulded 90 degree angle 3.5mm (1/8") connector which is highly durable! This unit is powered on 3 (3 volt) lithium batteries, 9 volts total, which are standard and can be bought anywhere.


  • Constructed of durable ABS plastic.
  • Utilizes 3 standard 3 volt Lithium batteries which are included! Total power is 9 volts!
  • Battery life, 340+ continuous recording hours!
  • Comes with a durable 90 degree moulded 3.5mm cable with your choice of cable length. From 1-2 1/2'.
  • 1 Year Warranty


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