Classic Battery / Filter Module
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Classic Battery / Filter Module
Classic Battery / Filter Module

Classic Battery / Filter Module

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Now comes with a right angle 3.5mm Neurtik connector!

The Classic battery/filter module (MM- CBM-1) is a self- contained unit capable of providing the microphone(s) with optimum power for increased dynamic range and superior overall performance. This battery module which has no bass roll off (bass reduction) is recommended were the recorded sound has little to moderately loud bass content. This unit is hand made with top quality components to ensure long life and excellent recordings! Constructed of High-Quality, High-Impact (Frabs) plastic box (color is black) measuring 3.9" x 1.9" x .80". It has brass threaded inserts with phillips machine screws-ideal for opening/closing frequently. Many of the minidisc, dat, camcorders(etc) available on the market today provide a small power source at the microphone input also known as plug in power. This is enough voltage to power the microphone(s), but not enough to let them realize there full dynamic range. This battery module provides alittle over 9 volts D.C., which is the optimum power, enabling them to handle higher (SPL) sound pressure levels without distortion!

Most built in pre- amps on the small portable recorders are rather noisy and won't give you that real crisp sound you want to record. The line input has less noise than most microphone inputs as it bypasses the mic pre-amps stage. The line input is capable of handling a much higher signal level than the mic inputs, and will not result in brick- walling, which will happen when the signal fed into a mic input is so high that it causes distortion regardless of the level settings.

Our Battery modules can be used in conjuction with your "mic or line" inputs: For soft to moderately loud recordings use your mic input! Moderate to very loud sounds use your line input! Utilizes a standard 9 volt battery (included) which will last approximately 500 hours.

Battery modules will not increase the output of the microphone(s) plugged into it . That is the job of a microphone preamplifier!!!!


  • Constructed of durable ABS plastic with brass threaded inserts.
  • Utilizes a standard 9 volt battery (included).
  • 2 1/2 Foot output cable (90 degree moulded stereo connector) 1/8 inch.
  • 1 Year Warranty


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